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Showing posts from November, 2009

Wake Up Call

The phone rings. It's darker than usual. Who would be calling now? You stumble to find the source of the ring. That's not even what your phone sounds like. You pick up the receiver. No one's there. It's your wake up call.

Now you remember: you're away from home. There's work to be done, and you did ask for this reminder to rise up early and to get started on your goals.
Wake up calls are sometimes disorienting. They can take us by surprise, even when we expect them. How does that make sense? Examine your history of wake up calls and look for patterns. The patterns are likely there.
What is your wake up call? What have you put in place to get you going, to get you oving in a strange place, at an unusual time?
We live in unusual times but hasn't that always been the case? What do we have to prevent us from slipping into a muddled routine accepting everything and leaving our own assumptions untested? What can rattle our cage?
We need wake up calls -- ways to …

Constant Learning

High performance leaders remain vital by continuing to learn.
They learn by taking training, continuing their education, reading, exercising their creativity, exploring what makes them curious, helping social agencies...countless ways to continue learning.
What are you doing to keep your learning active?
What have you learned today?
-- Douglas Brent Smith

Taking Charge

Leadership is not being in charge -- it is taking charge when help is needed.
When you find yourself in a situation where you are wondering who's in charge -- that's the universe telling you that it's up to you...
Are you ready to lead when you're needed?
What are you doing to improve your leadership skills so that you WILL be ready?
-- Douglas Brent Smith