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The Value of Your Service

What if customers paid exactly what they thought the value was? Would your business prosper?

Have you ever given a tip to a street performer? Also known as buskers, street performers rely 100% on value to value transactions. They have barely two minutes to make an impression, and only get paid what people think they are worth. Sometimes that's a dollar, sometimes that's a dime, and usually "customers" keep on walking without paying anything at all.
Could your business survive using that model?
I've considered it as a model for my leadership training practice. Come to a workshop, or get some coaching and consulting and then pay me exactly what you think it was worth. What stops me? Not sure. Is it fear of the unknown monetary value? Is it fear that human nature might be to grab for the bargain (free!) and move on?
If a business demonstrates value that the customer is seeking and delivers on that promise, shouldn't people pay what is fair (or even more)?

Finding Direction

It's showdown time. It's time to roll forward with a strategy and direction that gains traction, momentum and (dare I say it) revenue.
My years of leadership experience and leadership development time spent at major corporations has not yet paid off with a prosperous training organization. Events have conspired to stand in the way, but mostly what is needed is some "money where your mouth is" leadership. Let's get this party started!
What I do best: provide highly participative workshops to train managers and supervisors how to improve their results.
I had great successes at GE and at (gulp) AIG. I've had some continued contracting success as well. But my company has yet to penetrate the market with a convincing blast of development. The time is now.
Here's the focus for Front Range Leadership, LLC:
Three core workshops on -
Improving Communication
Building Effective Teams
Achieving Your Goals
As we (yes, there will be new members and partners in the company!) mo…