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Optimal Learning

What do you as a leader do for optimal learning?

For growth to occur, learning is essential. There is no growth without learning.
Optimal learning balances support and tension. Centered leaders stretch their people compassionately.

Projects become challenges, but not ordeals. Goals become accountable but not punishing. Courage and compassion walk hand-in-hand.
Optimal learning is the degree of expansion we can endure without breaking. It's knowing when to immerse and when to withdraw. It's work and it's play.
It's not a paradox but rather a balance. Centering helps you find and sustain this delicate balance.
- How do you balance support and tension?
- How do you stretch your people compassionately?
- How do you stretch yourself?
- What are you working on RIGHT NOW?
-- Douglas Brent Smith

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Confident Leaders

What do you expect from your people?
Could they possibly achieve more toward your unified vision than YOU ever have -- and would you be emotionally OK with that?
Confident leaders expect their people to exceed their own accomplishments in pursuit of the common vision. It's how high performance leaders multiply their efforts toward success.
Are you confident enough to expect more from your people?
Are you making it possible for your people to succeed?
What will you do today to open more doors to success for your people?
-- Douglas Brent Smith