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Are You The Answer to Your Team's Problem?

Who is going to solve your team's problem?

Sometimes it takes the whole team.

Sometimes it takes a strategic part of the team.

Sometimes it even takes part of the team and some people from outside of the team to solve a problem.

And, sometimes the complete answer is with the leader. It doesn't have to be a paradox. What it does take is the honesty to gather feedback, look at the information available, talk to people on your team, and be willing to see the truth when it bubbles to the top. Can you do that?

Strong leaders know that sometimes they are not the answer to the problem. And sometimes they are.

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Remember the Quiet Ones

Have you ever assumed that a quiet person was fine, in agreement with you, or simply not interested in what was going on?

Quiet people process differently. It can seem like they are disinterested, when really what is going on is important thinking. Maybe we agree. Maybe we don't.

Centered leaders know that quiet people have ideas and feelings, too -- and do not ignore them.

You can count on vocal people to tell you how they feel. It may take a little more patience to identify how a quiet person feels and to get their best ideas flowing forward. But it is worth it.

Are you a quiet person or a vocal one?

How do you make sure that none of your people are ignored or taken for granted?

-- Douglas Brent Smith

About half of the people on your team are probably quiet ones -- some focused on results and the others focused on relationships. They bring both the clarity and compassion to your team, so it's well worth your efforts to draw them in and open them up for dialogue. You wo…

The Truth With Kindness

Do you tell the truth no matter what?

What about the feelings of the person you are telling that truth to? Do you keep some things to yourself to prevent hurt feelings? If you did, would that be the best thing for that person?

Centered leaders tell the truth with kindness.

That means no lies, AND no loaded and harsh judgments. Centered leaders tell the truth with the compassion to seek what's best for all concerned. It can be emotionally draining to be confronted with our truths sometimes. Centered leaders find ways to challenge without crushing -- to deliver without draining.

What are some ways that we can tell the truth with kindness?

-- Remain open to the truths of others: they may see things differently
-- Identify both the facts and the feelings of a situation
-- Suspend judgement at least until all facts and feelings are open
-- Respect everyone involved
-- Acknowledge your own strengths and weaknesses
-- See the problem as the opportunity for a stronger relationship
-- Real…