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Quick Quote: Motivation

What motivates you, moves you.
-- doug smith
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Leadership Character

What goes into developing leadership character?
Values - how you choose to live your life. Ethics -- how you operate. Morales -- how you respect other individuals. 
It's also willingness to learn, willingness to hear feedback, willingness to listen. Add more to that (what do you think?) and the list of qualified leaders with positive character gets small. And yet, we need leaders with character. We need leaders who will do the right thing. We need leaders who consider the needs of the whole team, organization, and (yes) planet when making decisions. 
Leadership character matters no matter what you lead.
-- doug smith

Controlling Anger

Do you get angry?
Doesn't everyone? A temper is a terrible thing, because it harms the owner the most. When we are angry, our target may not even know it. But, we sure do and that energy feeds on itself.
I do not like being angry. I've had too much practice. Anger has hurt me and it has hurt others I never wanted to hurt. While anger can have its purpose -- defending someone in danger who has been abused or gathering the energy to right a wrong -- most of the time it is energy that could be better spent in repair. Better spent in building rapport. Better spent in building relationship.
Anger fools us. Anger taunts us. Anger misdirects us.
We might tied to work just to make sure that our anger is not part of the reason for our anger.
Because many times, it is.
What should we do? I humbly offer this distillation from wise advice of others. Breathe. Pause. Breathe again. Give your brain time to quiet the defensive posture and clearly see what's going on. What's going on? Breath…

Top Five Goals

What are your top five goals?
You might have more than five, but how many can you work on at any given time?
I have a calendar-planner (paper, yes I still keep one of those) that has a space for five objectives for each day. That's all. And, it also has a column for priority, and honestly most of the time they are all "A" priorities. That's because I can focus on five. Any more than that, and the "B" priorities don't really hit the list. Because if they do, they aren't getting done anyway.
Oh, I do a LOT more than five things each day. But I start with a focus on five goals that I know I need to do. Some are big, some are small; all get done.
High performance leaders show the courage to focus on five top goals. 
Work those goals.
-- doug smith

Tell Yourself the Truth

Who do we lie to the most?
The answer is so easy that every time I ask a group of people at a workshop or webinar it's the first thing they say. We lie to ourselves the most. 
"I'm not good enough...young enough...good-looking enough..."
Nonsense. You are enough. We are enough. 
So, why lie to ourselves? We're so good at it that we really do fool ourselves, sometimes into immobility. That's not fun.
Tell the truth. Start with yourself.
Stop lying to yourself first. Once you see how much better that is, it will be much easier to stop lying to anyone else.
-- doug smith

Maybe Keep It To Yourself?

Have you ever said anything that you regretted? That expression "put your foot in your mouth" resonates a bit more when you wear size 13's. I do. And yes, I have sometimes said things that I regretted.
Because you know what? When you say something that hurts someone do you know when they'll forget it? 
They will never forget it. The damage is done, and just keeps on echoing through the years.
That's why I've learned (well, OK, I'm working on it) to pause before saying something with an edge, something with anger, something even passive aggressive. The payoff is bad, and lasts forever.
Words meant to hurt are better left unsaid.
'nuff said.
-- doug smith