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Dig Deeper

  Creativity prods us to dig deeper than we've ever dug before. Dig deep. Deeper. Deeper still. -- doug smith
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  It's been a year. It's been more than a year, it's been a dilly. Are you building muscle? Are you building resilience? Are you creating greater possibilities by hanging in there and doing your best. Of course you are. And we can even do better. We are all far stronger and far more vulnerable than we've ever imagined. Keep thinking, keep singing, keep going strong. Just look at those muscles now! -- doug smith

Let's Get To Work

  Do you know who cares about excuses? Nobody. Things get better when we do better.  It's up to us. Let's get to work. -- doug smith

Boldly Thru the Haze

  Doesn't it seem a little hazy sometimes? The future is fuzzy. Uncertainty rules. It can knock us sideways with a dizziness that dazzles us without rest. Breathe. You are up to this. You are made for this. You can center yourself, focus yourself, clarify your own goals, and push. Relentlessly push positively in the direction you choose. If it's the wrong direction, you'll discover that and shift. High performance leaders are constantly shifting. From the old, to the new. From the uncertain, to the clear. Shift. Centered leaders live with ambiguity while pushing for clarity. Keep pushing. -- doug smith

High Performance Leaders Collaborate

  Finding someone to share your goal with doubles your chances of success.  Partners provide energy. Team take us to new levels. People push us on. I'm going to start collaborating about you? -- doug smith

A Place to Start

Of course we disagree. We're not even sure if we agree with ourselves. One of the many prices of constant change is the ambiguity, the uncertainty. That can create a kind of low-grade anxiety that keeps us stuck. Pull away from that. Keep moving. As my fire fighting friend Nick used to say, quoting a line from the TV Show "Taxi" whenever anyone asked him how he was doing: "Bobbin' and weaving, bobbin' and weaving." In other words, staying in motion. Finding that anyplace is a place to start, and the adjusting never ends. How are you doing today? -- doug smith

Keep Going

  It's easy to get discouraged. Work, people, even life throws more challenges than we expect or ever ask for. Keep going. Obstacles will slow you down and pull on your momentum until it screeches like the bad brakes on an old Chevy. Keep going. Tasks will blur together in a fog of business that makes that vision ever harder to see and follow. Keep going. Keep going. Your work is important, and it's just beginning. -- doug smith