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Develop Your Creativity at Upcoming Denver Improv Bootcamp

No boots required! Join us for a fun filled, game driven, community building weekend of improvisation.
You will work and play with an improv coach and a group of people ready to take your talent to the next level via improvisation.
Build your acting skills, practice your creativity, and develop new ways of expressing yourself in group settings.
Using a wide variety of improv games, expert coaching, and acting exercises you’ll be able to:
§Explore and practice improvisational basics §Develop a “where” a “why” and a “who” inside a scene §Build your self-confidence §Improve how you work with other people §Create fun and collaborative stage environments §Develop believable characters §Increase your on stage energy §Learn the basic techniques of improvisation §Stop going for the laugh and get more laughs §Practice the art of instant drama
Camp runs from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm Friday, and 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Saturday. Light refreshments will be served. Lunch Saturday is on your own.
When: Friday, January 24…

No Escape to the Past

Do you ever find yourself lost in thought about how nice things "used to be"?

They probably were not that nice.

We filter, we sort, we gloss over petty wrong-doings, and we glamorize the past. Besides. It's past.

There is no escape in the past. Progress moves forward.

Which way are you going?

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Lift Each Other Up

Who lifts you up creatively? When you think about the people you know, who among them startles you with how much they inspire you to act creatively, even when you make mistakes?

So many people underestimate so many others. We are all capable of great things. We all have an endless store of creativity to draw on. How we think about other people can strongly (and sometimes strangely) effect how much creativity, promise, and potential they deliver.

Why make that small? Why not expand it? Why not grow our possibilities as creatively and expansively as we can?

Any belief that diminishes another person is flawed.

The next time you're tempted to think small of someone, catch yourself and think instead, "I wonder what creative store house of knowledge they have that I haven't discovered yet..."

See if it makes a difference.

-- Douglas Brent Smith