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High Performance Leaders and Rewards

How do you, as a high performance leader, reward people for their hard work? Is it in money? Is it in public recognition? Is it in a private conversation, face to face?
We do not all value rewards in the same way. People find value in what makes them feel right, feel appreciated, and feel respected. As high performance leaders, we owe it to our people to find out what those things are and then deliver.
High performance leaders reward hard work in ways that matter to each person.
And the best way to know what those things are is to ask. Talk it over. Take your conversations with each person to a deeper level so that you can truly understand what they are looking for, what impact they hope to have, and what makes them feel right, appreciated, and respected.
Then find ways to get them what they really want.
Who can you talk with today to discover their real motivations for success?
-- Douglas Brent Smith Solving Problems | Achieving Your Goals