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Ask The Right Questions

Are you asking the right questions?

One of my mentors, Lester T. Shapiro, told me that the primary role of leaders is to ask relevant questions. I heard that over twenty years ago, and it is as true today as it was then. Leaders ask questions.

Questions to challenge.

"What was the best thing about the performance?
"What could we have done to make the performance better?"
"What will you do differently next time?"

Questions to probe.

"What stands in your way?"
"When will you achieve that goal?"
"When will you know when you will know?"
"What would make this goal even more noble, more ambitious?"

Questions to motivate.

"When have you overcome something like this before?"
"Who do you know who has done something similar?"
"What makes you feel good about this goal?"
"Who will you help the most by achieving this goal?


The secret to leadership success is asking the right questions.


Your Creative Side

Do you have a creative side?

You know - that side that smiles when you're making something new. That side that sings not just in the shower but whenever a song strikes your fancy. That side that comes up with great new ideas when you weren't even trying to.

That's you. Deep inside each of us, when we least expect it, is a creative spark just waiting to ignite. Fan those flames and watch the blaze light you up. You'll like the results.

Your creative side is always available. Let it roll.

-- Doug Smith

Quick Quote: Creative Problem Solving

It takes creative people to solve problems creatively.

-- Doug Smith

Talk About The Resistance

Opposition to a goal is a call for conversation.

-- Doug Smith