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Are You Married to that Problem?

Has a problem got you where you live? Are you married to it? I don't mean that your problem is your actual spouse. Geez. Get over that and build your relationship if you think that's the problem. (yeah, me too).

What I do mean is that sometimes we tend to fall in love with a problem. It starts to get comfortable. It becomes the way things are. It cozies up to us all friendly-like and acts like it belongs and before we know it we almost (I did say ALMOST) enjoy having it around.

We take comfort in the familiar. It's that sense of recognition that shuts off that troublesome need to think. But that's not what we want. That's not who we are. We can do better.

It's hard to solve a problem you're in love with.

So take a good hard, analytical look at that problem. Maybe it's NOT something you want to live with. Maybe it IS something that you want to solve.

Why not get started solving that problem today?

-- Douglas Brent Smith

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A Supervisory Benefit

Did you ever notice that companies often cut managers but seldom cut supervisors?

Makes you wonder just how important that supervisory job is, doesn't it? As often as it can feel challenging, there is much to be thankful for about being a supervisor. Everyday is a new opportunity. Every team member is a new sign of unlimited potential. Every customer is a chance to make a difference in the world.

Take pride in being a supervisor. Your organization, your customers, and your people need you.

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Why Not Choose Happiness?

Think about it. So much of what happens to us in life depends on how we react to it. If you're like me, you've occasionally (well, OK, more often than I'd like to admit) gotten angry at things you had no control over. I've even been known to shout at a football game and throw a pillow. Wow. Dangerous, eh?

But unless that anger can be channeled into energy to do something (say for instance I was actually on the football field and could TACKLE an opponent) it's not doing us much good. It's not doing us any good.

So why not make a better choice?

When something in life disappoints us, do we need to get unhappy? Will that change things? I also admit to getting upset when things don't go my way. Did that improve the situation? Of course not. There are better choices available.

So this week, facing deadlines and new living arrangements and travel delays and irate relatives (OK, my mom is mad at me again...) I will choose happiness instead. Puppies and kittens. My…