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Successful Supervisors Keep Solving

As frustrating as it is to encounter a problem that resists any solution, there could be a benefit. Stay mindful. Stay attentive. Stay alert. Imbedded in that big problem are lots of little problems. Maybe they need to be solved before you can move forward. Maybe solving them will lead to a break thru that helps you in other areas.

The problems that we fail to solve sometimes lead to those we do. And, that's no little thing.

-- Doug Smith

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No Excuses

Do you know who cares about excuses?


And yet, people persist in presenting their ever best excuses. It's a waste of time and breath. Nobody believes excuses anyway, so why not let them go.

I had a boss once who said "we live in the land of no excuses." It sounded harsh at the time. It is not harsh. It is correct.

Why make excuses? Nobody cares about them OR believes them.

Here's what to do instead. Get things done. Lead. Drive forward. Achieve your goals.

High performance leaders NEVER make excuses. The very idea irritates them.

How about you?

-- Doug Smith

Learn, Learn, Learn!

How long will it take to get it right? When do we get to be perfect?

I'm not holding my breath on that one. No one is perfect. No process is perfect. No lesson is even perfect. We learn from our mistakes and largely from what doesn't work.

As long as we change it, as long as we keep growing, as long as we learn...we'll get there. Maybe not (certainly not!) perfect...but mighty fine indeed.

What are you working on today?

-- Doug Smith