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Standing In The Way

Have you ever had an opportunity that felt like it was standing in the way of something better?

People tell you to go for it. You get support and reinforcement. It seems like something you could do extremely well...and yet, some small voice tells you there's something bigger, something better you should be chasing. Anything else feels like a distraction, like something standing in the way.

Chase the dream.

Follow the vision.

Live authentically for what you truly want.

Do you doubt that this works? Try living without it (I know, if you're like me, you already have.) What's that like?

I recently chased a non-dream dream job thinking that it would solve lots of problems. Mainly, people said it would be a perfect fit for me, that I WAS the job. Maybe. But something deep inside me said, that's a distraction. That's a passion, but more of a mistress than a partner/wife. It's not the heart of the heart of me.

That must have showed somehow, because I didn't land t…