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Developing Character

Centered, high performance leaders develop their character as well as their skills.

Character to withstand challenges...
Character to develop meaningful, honest relationships...
Character to make conscious, attentive choices...
Character to live to the fullest while considering the needs of others...

Learning the lessons that life has to teach us builds character.
How we apply those lessons reflects the character that we have developed.
What character traits are you as a leader developing?
-- Douglas Brent Smith

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Do you have any limiting beliefs?
We all have limiting beliefs. We all think things that may not be in our best interest because they slow us down, hold us back, limit our ability. Many of these beliefs aren't even true.
"I'm not good enough" "They would never agree to that" "My supervisor just doesn't care" "Management just wants to hold you down" - these are all examples of limiting beliefs.
Thinking them long enough can even make them individually true.
Recognizing our own limiting beliefs is the first step to overcoming them.
- What beliefs do you have that may be holding you back?
- When was the last time you let go of a limiting belief and started believing that something was possible for you? What would it take to do that again?
-- Douglas Brent Smith