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Say It With Respect

Have you ever said anything that you regretted? I know that I have.
As leaders, we must be careful about our communications. Things that may seem humorous or criticism we deserve to make can be hurtful if we're not careful. And as leaders, people look to us to set a good example and tone for the organization.
Anything said with disrespect will trigger resistance. Sometimes disrespect will breed fear. Is that what we really want?
No matter what we say, no matter how deep the comment, we can always say it with respect.
-- Douglas Brent Smith

Centered Leaders Speak the Truth

As a leader, does it make sense to spin the truth?
Do you ever find yourself holding back your words, filtering your responses, or trying desperately to gloss over a key point in order to spare someone's feelings or to frame the sentence just right so that no one gets angry?
What about the truth?
The truth, spoken with respect, is much easier to accept than any spin, any cover, any filtering.
The key is respect. Any message can be said with either kindness or cruelty. Choose kindness, and the truth will not hurt. It may even heal.
How true are you?
-- Douglas Brent Smith

Problem Solving and Getting the Help You Need

Do you have the help you need to solve the problems that you face?
Surround yourself with people willing to solve a problem and success is assured.
Isolate yourself, and your problems will likely persist. Getting that extra help, starting with a fresh and different perspective, makes a huge difference. Our individual perceptions differ, and we can benefit from that as soon as we see how it can help.
Are you looking at your problem rationally?
Are you discovering the causes for each of the effects your problem brings on?
Find the right people. Find any people. Get the help you need.
Surround yourself with people who are willing and able to solve a problem -- who are happy to collaborate with you -- and success is assured.
You can count on it.
-- Douglas Brent Smith