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Asking Why

Do you ask why frequently?

I once had a boss who asked why over and over -- beyond a reasonable amount of times. It starts to feel like a persecution.

We need to know why, but we also need to use the question carefully. How we ask "why" matters, as does how many times we use it. When we're doing a root cause analysis on a problem, we might ask why five or six times on a perceived cause to search for its root. But that's on a thing, on a process, on a condition -- not on a person.

Go ahead and ask "why" but realize that most people don't enjoy the question.

-- Doug Smith

A Perspective on Failure

It's not failure -- it's a direction correction...

-- Doug Smith

Stay Creative

Creative leaders never run out of new ideas.

-- Doug Smith

An Endless Supply of Solutions

The creative problem solver in you always has more solutions than you need.

-- Doug Smith

High Performance Leaders Drive Commitment

The art of leadership is mobilizing commitment to a cause that would otherwise intimidate.

-- Doug Smith

On Certainty

I don't need absolute certainty to be absolutely certain.

-- Doug Smith

Two Parts of Creativity

How would you define creativity?

Some people see it as a flash of inspiration. It's the appearance of a wonderful and mysterious muse. Suddenly great and beautiful things happen.

For others, it's not like that at all. Why wait for the muse? Sometimes the muse is fickle and hard to find. We need creativity all of the time. We can't wait for brilliant flashes of insight. We need to conjure up that magic ourselves.

Creativity is not just inspiration -- it's also dedication and hard work.

Put in the work. Watch the magic happen.

-- Doug Smith

High Performance Leaders Are Accountable

My friend and fraternity brother David Spiegal operates a variety of businesses, models success in many ways, helps people become healthier and happier, and more -- all while being a loving family figure and man of faith.

Occasionally, I'll like one of his daily emails so much that I publish it here, word for word. I'm doing that today because, well, it's thought-provoking AND he refers to me in it. (My humble response follows his article as a comment.)

Here's Dave...

"Leadership is not a license to do less; it is a responsibility to do more."
-Simon Sinek-Leaders Eat Last  September Word of the Month:

Yesterday was a really great day. The weather was pleasant and I found myself in a really fantastic mood. At one point I was singing along with one of my favorite songs on the radio. I don't mean singing like following a long. I mean belting it out as if I were a finalist on America's Got Talent.
I made some long over due phone calls.
I cleaned…