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Building Your Team's Momentum

How do you keep your team's energy moving to achieve your goals?
Effective teams move from invention to implementation by building momentum and enthusiasm.

How do they do this?
- Creating vivid images of their promising future - Involving anyone who will be effected by the changes - Taking small steps followed by giant leaps - Trusting each other and their process - Fixing the process when it needs fixing and loving their people the whole way - Communicating, communicating, communicating
What other ways can you think of to build momentum and enthusiasm?
-- Douglas Brent Smith

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Should Leaders Have Secrets?

Should leaders have secrets?
Do you believe that eventually all secrets are revealed? How can you be sure one way or the other?
What is the purpose of secrets?
The trouble with secrets is that once they are revealed they make a leader look disingenuous.
What secrets are you keeping that will sound better once you reveal them?
Do you trust your team enough to tell the truth?
Centered leaders understand the value and risks of radical truth. Take or keep no secret lightly.
-- Douglas Brent Smith