Monday, October 28, 2013

Should you trust your instincts?

Do you roll with your instincts? Trust your impulses? Rely on your sixth sense?

Instincts can serve us well. They can also be flat wrong. How do you know? How can you tell?

Practice. Research. Learn.

Trust your instincts, but prove them carefully with data.

The further you get pulled from testing your point of view, the tougher it is to save you from yourself when things go sideways.

And things will go sideways.

How do you test your instincts?

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Monday, October 14, 2013

Upcoming Free Teleclass: How To Achieve Your Goals

Our next teleclass is free! How to Achieve Your Goals is open for registration now right on our home page or on the info page for the teleclass.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 29 at 10:00 am Mountain Time

You'll get the call-in number and download link when you register here.

Here's what to expect:

With all of the resources available on goals, why is it that we so often miss goals that matter the most? 

During this session you will set into motion a plan for prioritizing and achieving your most important goals. 

The goal setting and achieving habits that you create will serve you well in every new project and goal that you want to accomplish. In your personal life as well as your work-life you will find the material you cover in How To Achieve Your Goals to be action-packed and results oriented.

You’ll participate in a highly interactive workshop where you explore, discover, and practice the skills you need to achieve your goals.

Who Should Attend

If you are interested in achieving your goals this program is for you. 

What You Will Cover

You’ll be able to:
  • Identify your mission and vision
  • Drop excuses and time wasters that stand in your way
  • Energize your relationships
  • Act relentlessly on your plan
  • Learn and act on feedback everyday

Your Benefits for Attending

You’ll walk away with:
  • A process for achieving your goals
  • Key insights into your personal success formula
  • An action plan for achieving your goals
  • An opportunity to get the ongoing coaching you need to stay on target and build momentum

About Our Teleclasses 

Each teleclass provides about an hour of tips, tools, and techniques for improving leadership skills.

If you lead a team of people at work or in a volunteer organization  -  you will find that these quick start no-nonsense training programs prepare you for the tasks a leader needs the most.

You'll find yourself using the knowledge you get from these teleclasses on the job right away.
Your Investment

Normally, each teleclass is $45 for one connection. That means that one person -- or a room full of people can attend for the same low cost.

But-- you can attend the next session free! To register: go here and sign up!

Your Problem Is Calling You

Can you hear it?

Maybe it's softly speaking to you or maybe it's more of a loud scream of excited desperation but it's there:

Your problem is calling you.

Hey you, over there -- don't you want to fix this thing? Don't you want to put this problem behind you? Don't you want to feel the thrill of putting this problem away, of developing a great solution and making people really happy about it?

Well, people will be happy if they want to but you know what I mean -- solving the problem will take the pain out of some folks' situation -- and even if it's just YOUR situation, don't you think that's worth it?

Your problem is calling you -- why not act now?

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Get some help with your problem by booking our Solving Problems workshop at your location.

Friday, October 11, 2013

No Room for Unkindness

Does it sometimes feel like dog-eat-dog out there? Have you refined your edge to a sharp, cutting point?

It does take energy to achieve your goals. It DOES take persistence. It does take the ability to disregard naysayers who stand in your way. But it also takes kindness. It also takes compassion.

In our path to achieving our goals we do best to balance our skills of clarity, courage, creativity and compassion.

Our beliefs should keep us going, and should keep us focused on how our work and life effects other people.

Beliefs that leave room for any unkindness are flawed.

It might feel like it takes longer to consider other people -- but in the long run can't you feel how right it is?

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Check our teleclass: How to achieve your goals

Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's Not About Me...

I miss the point when I design my life around my happiness.

Happiness doesn't come from chasing it.

Happiness comes from fulfilling work, making a difference, meeting many challenges, and making this a better world.

Does that sound lofty? I agree. Does that sound impossible? Not at all. The less I make it about me, the better off it is for me.

Weird, eh?
How about you?

I miss the point when I design my life around my happiness.

Centered leaders balance their concerns for others with their concerns for themselves. We need collaborative efforts to build better teams, lead more effective organizations, and accomplish more noble goals. That's what makes it fun.

-- Douglas Brent Smith