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Our Mirror Lies

What kind of feedback do you request?

Are you getting feedback on your own perceptions?

We see things differently, day to day. We might even distort what we're looking at. When we distort our mission or our goals it leads us astray. When we distort our performance ("I'm doing great! Sure I am! Everything is wonderful!") we risk falling off track. Things can get sketchy.

When you look in the mirror, remember that mirrors reverse everything. What you see is not what you see. Similarly, when you look at yourself, could you be revering things? Could you be getting it just a bit backwards?

Get feedback from others. Creatively check other perspectives.

Because our mirror lies, and we need help seeing ourselves.

-- Doug Smith

Figure Out Your Goals

Sometimes I get confused.

What should I be working on RIGHT NOW?

In many of the workshops that I lead, participants struggle with setting priorities. To achieve our goals, we must know our priorities, work those priorities, and somehow -- SOMEHOW -- make peace with those tasks that are NOT our priorities and left undone.

It doesn't make everyone happy. That's not our job. Our job is to figure out our goals, work THEM, and achieve the goals that matter.

Easier said than done, certainly, but no reason to surrender.

Here's what I tell myself: figure out your goals -- then work your butt off.

-- Doug Smith

Memorize Your Goal

If you haven't memorized your most important goal, how important is it?

Memorize your goal. Tell people about it. Work it.

-- Doug Smith

Work Your Goal

If you have a goal that you haven't worked on this week, when will you work on it?

Your team is curious, and they're watching.

-- Doug Smith

Problem Solving Success

We don't have to solve every problem to be successful, but it's hard to be successful without solving some problems.

-- Doug Smith

Imperfection is Human

Centered leaders do not judge people for being imperfect.

-- Doug Smith

Give Your Best Ideas More Than One Chance

You might have to repeat your best ideas a few times before anyone understands them.

-- Doug Smith

Authenticity (Quick Quote)

You can't fake authenticity.

-- Doug Smith

Endless Volume

People will give you as many problems as you're willing to hold onto.

-- Doug Smith