Monday, February 8, 2016

Self-Esteem Is Up Yo You

Do you work better when you feel good about yourself?

Of course! At least, I do. When I'm strong, confident, and prepared my work is much better. It builds my self-esteem and helps me solve problems and achieve my goals.

But, it's up to me to find that self-esteem. It's up to me to build that confidence. No one else can give it to me and my work doesn't care.

Have you noticed that your work doesn't care about how you feel about yourself? Your work is your work.

Your problem doesn't care about your self-esteem.

Your problem just needs to be solved. Will it? It depends on what you bring to your problem.

Do you want to bring a great sense of self-esteem? That's up to you.

Think about your previous successes. Think about problems you've solved before. Draw on your own clarity of purpose, creativity of design, courage of action, and compassion for others and then realize what a cool person that makes you. Yeah, you.

Self-esteem is up to you -- and you've done plenty already to earn it!

-- Doug Smith

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Improve the Communication

Creative problem solving is at the heart of your best future.

Solving problems by developing new solutions is something that high performance leaders do best.

To build and energize their teams, and to equip them best for solving problems, high performance leaders work constantly to improve the communication on their team. Better communication comes about through deeper conversations, more productive meetings, and more powerful presentations. That takes learning and practice. That takes honesty and effort. High performance leaders realize there is really no such thing as over-communicating.

Most problems find progress once you improve the communication.

How will you improve the communication in your team this week?

-- Doug Smith

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Develop Yourself

What are you learning these days?

Leadership is a matter of communication, dedication, and learning. If we expect to stay ahead of the changes constantly coming our way, we must keep learning.

High performance leaders keep learning.

We're either developing ourselves or falling behind.

You don't want to fall behind, do you?

-- Doug Smith

Friday, February 5, 2016

Make The Tough Decisions

We face many tough decisions. High performance leaders get more than their share of difficult decisions. Delaying those decisions will not make them easier. The best thing that we can do is to carefully analyze the facts, identify our feelings, separate what's real from what's imagined, and decide.

Failure to decide brings about a default decision we may not like. Instead, decide.

No matter how complicated, no matter how challenging, no matter how many real (and imaginary) side-effects: decide.

I've had a series of truly tough decisions in the past year - how to best care for my aging mother, what to do about a broken and estranged relationship with someone who was previously my best friend, when to begin thinking about a new relationship as more than friendship, even decisions as big as where to live, where to locate my business, and who to live with. None of that has been easy, but deciding has allowed me to create goals and plans that align best with who I am and who I am becoming.


The harder the choices are the more important it is to decide.

What decisions have you been delaying? What are you waiting for?

-- Doug Smith

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Create Inspiration

I am never bored. Whenever someone tells me that they are bored, I do not understand. How can that be possible? There is so much to do! There are so many problems to solve! There are so many goals to achieve! And, there is so much fun to be had in the arts, in sports, in interpersonal conversation.

Can inspiration be the same way? I think so. I never lack inspiration. I might lack motivation (Judi has told me that I occasionally procrastinate -- even though I teach NOT to!) but I am always inspired. I am inspired by potential, by possibility, by other people, by goals, by a mission, by my beliefs. Inspiration is free and plentiful. When we nurture our own inspiration it grows, and when our inspiration grows so does our potential and our power. It's truly wonderful. Hey, it's inspiring.

High performance leaders never lack for inspiration - they create it.

Create inspiration today - in yourself, and in others. See how cool that can be.

What's inspiring you right now? Get more of that!

-- Doug Smith

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Our Flaws Are Reflected

Do you know what bothers me the most? Behaviors from other people that I struggle with myself. Anger, disappointment, impatience, disorganization. When people give that to me, I don't like it, because I don't like it in myself.

It's not always that way, but when it is, the emotions can be high.

Our flaws are reflected back at us. Usually, the reflections get stronger and stronger until we correct those flaws in ourselves.

It's never ending, always important, vital and obvious: we can't fix other people but when we improve ourselves other people get mysteriously easier to deal with. It's not magic, but it sure feels that way.

As leaders we often find ourselves with team members who share the exact flaws that bother us the most -- our flaws reflected.

I'm working on fixing what I can fix: my own flaws.

How about you?

-- Doug Smith

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

High Performance Leaders Grow

What have you learned today?

That's my favorite question. Admittedly, as a professional consultant, coach, and trainer I am biased in the direction of development. It's what I do. Still, think about it. To keep pace, to keep strong, to keep happy, isn't growth essential?

Grow. Learn. Develop. Get the leadership training you need. Discover new things. Stretch. High performance leaders know that there is no standing still. High performance leaders grow.

Do what you need to do to stay sharp and grow.

What's your next step in your leadership growth journey?

-- Doug Smith