Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Find Help In Your Wilderness

Does it ever feel like you're stuck, wandering in the wilderness?

We all find ourselves in trouble sometimes, lost and a bit afraid of what might be coming. Those hard feelings are not meant to polarize us, though. Those danger signs are meant to signal that we should find help. Find the people able and willing to navigate, prod, motivate, or steer. Someone to offer a hand, a shoulder to cry on, or a brain to storm with. Help.

Your wilderness is someone else's comfort zone.

They have the experience, the capacity, and the willingness to help. All we have to do is ask.


-- Douglas Brent Smith

Monday, August 18, 2014

Solve That Problem Without Creating Losers

Who wins when you solve a problem?

Your answer to that question likely defines whether or not you've actually solved the problem.
Any solution that creates a loser is likely not sustainable. It's a never-ending game.

Problem solving is a game that can be played with everyone winning.

That's probably the only way to really put an end to the problem. Centered leaders solve problems without creating losers.

Could that take longer? Yes. Is it more likely to succeed? Yes, and yes, and yes!

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Centered Leaders Keep Their Agreements

It's tempting. The circumstances have changed. What seemed like a great idea is now a burden. How could anyone expect you to keep an agreement when it now is turning out poorly for you? Can't you just drop the whole thing?

Centered leaders operate with integrity. They stay true to their word. The time may come when we need to renegotiate, but we do so with openness and with the sincerity of keeping our agreements if those we agreed with expect us to hold to them. There is no room for dropping in the name of convenience or breaking an agreement because it no longer suits our needs.

Centered leaders keep agreements even when they are no longer convenient.

That builds a reputation of reliability. That sustains a relationship of trust. That demonstrates true character.

What kind of character do you want to be known for?

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Enhance Your Team's Skills

What are you doing for your team to develop it?

Our development and our team's development is never done. There's always something new to learn. There are always skills that are changing and need updating. The work is a work in progress.

Give your team the training they need. Help them to enhance their skills. Make resources available to them so that they can grow. It's better for your team members and it's better for you.

Enhancing your team's skills will improve your team's performance.

As a leader, that's your job!

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Monday, August 11, 2014

Train Your Team

Does your team get all the training that it needs?

No matter how skilled, no matter how masterful, teams need to constantly learn. Centered leaders find ways to provide the training that their teams need so that they can continue to grow and excel. Are you doing that?

People enjoy their jobs more when they have the skills to do their jobs expertly.

Why not help them on that journey?

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Do Something Important!

What do you have planned for today?

Will you be solving a problem? Will you be working to achieve one of your major goals?

Let this be the encouragement you need to get moving. Go for it!

You've never been more alive than you are right now! Take charge and do something important!

Won't that feel great?

-- Douglas Brent Smith

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Share Your Confidence

Are you confident about achieving your goals? Do you feel positive about your mission?

Do your team members know that?

Let's not take that for granted. Let's keep our team members updated. Share that confidence.

Confidence shared grows.

-- for your team members, and for yourself as well!

-- Douglas Brent Smith