Monday, August 17, 2009

Spending Time

The best way to understand and motivate your employees is to spend more time with them.

As a leader, your employees are always watching. They've watching to see what you do. Do you walk your talk? Do you live your values? And, most importantly, do you care about your employees?

There is a myth about parenting called quality time and some managers try the same tactic with their employees. Here's the reality: there is no substitute for real time. Quantity time. You can't cram all of your relationship into bite sized pieces and expect it to amount to much more than a bite.

Do you want to communicate to your employees that you truly care about their goals, their careers, and their lives?

Do you want your employees to be highly motivated and energized?

Spend lots of time with each of them. There simply is no substitute.

How much time have you spent with individual employees today?

Who on your team have you been ignoring? What can you do to spend more time with them? When will you do that?

-- Doug Smith

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