Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Move from "Me" to "We"

by David Spiegel

"The secret to success is to know something nobody else does."
-- Aristotle

Here is another guest entry from my friend, David Spiegel. I especially like how he ties this together with one of John Maxwell's Words of The Day. As you read this, think about how you can move in the direction of turning what you do best from a "me" effort to a "we" movement.

As I was stretching this morning waiting for my trainer to finish up with his 7:30 clients, I had the opportunity to look around the gym. When I started working with Cris, the head trainer,he had appointments set pretty much back to back for himself. 

There was another trainer who I saw occasionally. Today, there was Cris working with "the Killer Couple" (these two really work hard!). There were also 3 or 4 other trainers working with clients. Some individuals and some working with two clients at the same time.There was a buzz of activity as these trainers engaged there clients and pushed them to levels that a few weeks ago, I am confident they had no idea they could achieve. 

I planned to say something to Cris about how successful his efforts seem to be in building a team, recruiting trainers,developing a program and attracting clients. As I walked over to Cris, he introduced me again to a new trainer who started on Monday

"Today, I'm going to have you work with Keith" he said. "I have people coming and going and I want to make sure every one gets covered.You're in good hands. "

And off we went. It was another great workout. In the end, I have met someone new and enjoy working with him.I walked away thinking about how great Cris' success story is. He built a program and I have been able to watch it grow along the way. It is in a word,inspiring.

All of the trainers who work with Cris are good. They all know how to train people. What Cris knows is how to build a program,how to make a team. Cris knows how to turn "ME" into "WE".
That is what makes him a success.

Today, my goal is to be even more successful than I have been until now.

Today it becomes about WE.

Have a great day!

John C. Maxwell's Word of the Day


David Spiegel is a successful business owner, coach, writer, and musician. We've been friends since Moses was a boy and fraternity brothers in Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. He writes a daily newsletter and has kindly agreed to let me share his thoughts here on occasion.

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