Monday, July 7, 2014

Take The Time To Know Your People

How well do you know your team?

Do you know each person's individual goals and desires? Do you know how they enjoy spending their time? Do you know if they are happy on the team and with the team mission and goals?

It's easy to take team members for granted. Sometimes we miss a window of opportunity when someone first joins a team to learn all about them and before we know it, days and weeks go by and we're working closely with someone we hardly know. We can do better than that.

Who ever is on your team, I encourage you to get to know them better. If you have a large team, it may take a while to get caught up, but it will be well worth the effort. Getting to know our team members better gives us:

- a more cohesive team
- short-cuts to conflict resolution
- insights into what motivates each other
- more fun!
- constant, real-time team-building
- better relationships for greater collaboration and cooperation

Centered leaders take the time to know their people.

Who do you need to spend some time with today?

-- Douglas Brent Smith

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