Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Honor Your Team

Have you thanked everyone on your team this week? If not, how many of your team members have you thanked?

It's easy to take your stars for granted. They keep working hard no matter what and delivering on their promises. But if you take your stars for granted too long, they go away. Possibly to a competitor. Stars have choices.

It's easy to take a typical performer for granted. Aren't they getting paid to do their job? Shouldn't they be grateful? But typical performers can turn into poor performers if they are ignored. Without the coaching to perform, how do you know they will continue to grow?

It's easy to take your poor performers for granted. Maybe you even dream about an exit plan for them. But while they are there they could be doing irreparable harm to your team, your customers, and even your organization. Behavior is contagious. Ignore poor performance and soon you've more of it than you can stand.

Everyone on your team is important. You can, as a leader, make the most of them and help them grow, or think the least of them and watch them sink. Choose growth. Choose performance.

Never take anyone for granted.

-- doug smith

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