Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Essential Question

The essential question is "How can I help?"

Whether you are the leader of thousands or completely on your own, your role on this planet is to help, to make things better. Usually, that means helping other people.

Kings, rulers, athletes, artists, government officials, doctors, fire fighters, deli workers, mechanics, economists...we are all here to help.

Sometimes it doesn't feel that way. Sometimes we feel the need to be served instead. But whatever the situation, no matter what the organization, high performance leaders know that their role is to help.

Reflection Questions

How can you be most helpful?

What situations are you facing right now where you have not yet asked the question, "how can I help?"

Who do you remember the most for being ready to jump in and find a way to help? How did they make you feel? How engaged and happy did they seem to be?

Action Plan

Within the next 24 hours, find a situation and ask yourself "how can I help?" ... and then follow-through by helping.

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