Saturday, November 4, 2017

What Are You Building A Case For?

Have you ever heard someone argue incessantly in a direction that doesn't seem to make sense? Or maybe they're stacking the evidence so completely one-sidedly that the whole view looks distorted.

We seem to be doing more and more of that these days. Building and defending our own cases to the exclusion of any inquiry. We lack curiosity when it would serve us better than defensiveness.

It's the person complaining about their job: every detail is negative. It's the person attracted to another person: every detail is enticing. It's the political argument with no escape: every point is in opposition.

What case are you building?

That's a question I like to ask when it feels like I'm working cross-purposes to what I really want. Or, when someone else is doing the same thing.

What case are you building?

Is that really what you want? Will that make things better for you, for your team, for the world?

What case are you building?

What if there is a better alternative?

When you find yourself building a case for something, find out if that's really what you want.

After all, the possibilities are endless. No need to lock into a bitter compromise.

-- Doug Smith

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