Monday, August 4, 2014

Share Your Truth

Do your people know where you stand on matters that effect them most?

Centered leaders share their truth. High performance leaders develop clarity around their core beliefs and make their values -- and standards of excellence -- well known.

Your truth should not be a mystery. That does not mean that you insist on everyone agreeing precisely with your truth. You may even need to work to achieve some shared meaning on what your truth is. Centered leaders are willing to talk about it. Ask people first about their own truths, and then share your own. There are benefits to this you may not have realized before.

Sharing your truth brings you confidence, openness, trust. Sharing your truth makes it easier to understand each other. Sharing a willingness to be influenced AND to seek to influence others takes the mystery out of your agenda. It helps you achieve your goals.

Confidence grows from the will to confide. Share your truth with someone today.

-- Douglas Brent Smith

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