Thursday, January 22, 2015

On Time Is A Sign of Respect

Do you show up on time? How do you feel when you're in charge of something and people choose NOT to show up on time?

Not everyone - some people respect you enough and your work to show up on time. But what about those who make other choices? What about those who have de-prioritized your event?

Yesterday I facilitated a training program on time management. Some people thought it was funny to say "I don't have time for time management." That's OK. I get it. Managing time is hard. It's a challenge in today's world of multi-tasking and parallel meetings. And yet, tossing the blame onto others won't manage your activities for you, will it?

Not only were some people late for my time management workshop - some didn't show up until after lunch, when it was more than half over. Then, they wondered why they didn't find what they needed.

Learning is an investment. Learning is a discipline. Managing time is all about managing yourself, and having the courage to let other people know that you have taken charge of that.

Some people at the workshop learned a lot, and look forward to applying what they've learned to their busy schedules. And some people, I feel certain, will continue to be late for their meetings.

Showing up is a sign of respect. Honoring time commitments is not for amateurs - it's a sign of a professional.

And you do want a reputation as a professional, don't you?

-- Douglas Brent Smith

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