Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Keep Your Team Members Engaged

When someone leaves your team, what are they giving up on?

Does that sound like an abandonment issue? Is there something basically insecure to blame yourself when someone goes away?

It's not always the leader's fault. Sometimes people leave for their own private reasons that have nothing to do with the team leader. Still. Let's face it. Most of the time people leave a team because of an issue with their boss.

Do your people have issues? Do the ones who leave miss something fundamental about the team's mission, vision, and goals?

Keep your team members engaged in what's going on. Let them know your direction. Find out what they are looking for. Energize their sense of value and worth.

We don't (and can't) keep everyone on our team ON our team forever. But we needed see them leave too soon, either.

What will you do today to engage your team members?

-- Doug Smith

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