Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tell Your Family

Have you ever worked on something so important that you could hardly stop thinking about it, and yet didn't tell your family about it?

How will they know what drives you? How will they know what that "distracted look" on your face means?

I have too often gone too long completely immersed in my work while keeping my family members in the dark about what I was working on. I need to learn to tell them what exactly is so compelling and so exciting about it so that they know, when I get pulled to that work, that it isn't because I'm avoiding them.

Don't avoid your family. That's not what meaningful work is about. Involve them. Talk about it with them. Show them that you can and do enjoy a healthy passion for your family and your work.

Does your family think your job is as cool as you do? Why or why not?

Your work is your gift to the world. Your family is God's gift to you. Don't slight or take for granted either one, and don't keep either one in a box. It's your life.

Yep. I'm talking to myself on this one. If it hits you as relevant, too, that's just a bonus.

-- Doug Smith

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