Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Share Responsibility, Not Blame

Do you know someone who always blames someone else for their problems?

I think we've done that - blame someone else. It's so easy. We'll be so much happier just as soon as THEY fix their problems. I've come to learn, through hardship and heartbreak, that a lot of the time that I'm hoping for someone else to get their act together that it's ME who needs to improve. The good news on that is that I can control what I do. I can take steps to improve. I just need to know what to change.

When we share responsibility for success, instead of spreading the blame around, it no longer matters who is at fault. We are all at fault. None of us is perfect. If the issue didn't initiate with us, we likely did something to spark it or perpetuate it. Sharing responsibility for success allows us to move beyond that and take hold of better habits, better ideas, and better solutions.

Once I accept sharing responsibility for success in solving a problem I realize how silly it is to blame anyone.

Are you willing to share responsibility for the problems that trouble you?

What's your next step?

-- Doug Smith

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What have you learned today?

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  1. Next step....no more problems....only possibilities!