Saturday, September 17, 2016

It's Up To You

There is a lot of material out there declaring how the universe is on your side, how all you need to do is manifest what the universe is sending you, how you can attract good things by just being open to what the universe offers.

Some of it is quite inspiring. Much of it is entertaining. It's even delightful. It feels so promising, so hopeful, so optimistic. But, it's nonsense.

The universe does not care.

I believe in a higher power (G-d!) and I do believe that G-d cares and will facilitate what is within G-d's will. But the universe?

It's random. It's mathematical. It's endless. It's amazing. But it does not give a crap about you, me, or anyone else.

You want to achieve your goals? It's up to you. You want to see the biggest problems solved? Again, it's up to you. You want pizza for dinner? It's up to you.

-- Doug Smith

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