Thursday, September 29, 2016

Know Why You Do What You Do

Remember that advertising slogan for a very questionable publication that kept saying "Inquiring minds want to know"?

We all have inquiring minds. We all need to know. And what we need to know the most is why. Why do we do what we do. What makes what we do cool, important, necessary?

It's never just a job. It's never just an interaction. There is always a reason why.

Know why. Figure out your why. Identify your mission.

Then roll with it.

-- Doug Smith

My good friend David Spiegel has pointed out that Simon Sinek is a great source on WHY. Here's the video where I first was drawn to his thinking on this:


  1. Suggested reading...."Start with Why" ....Simon SineK

    1. Yes, that's right David. Simon Sinek is the leading voice on "why". He's also got some great videos worth watching, including TED talks.