Monday, July 27, 2015

Take Feedback from Those Who Share Responsibility

How much do you insist that people who work with you share responsibility for success?

I think it's one of the key agreements for centered, high performance leaders. How willingly our teams share responsibility for success determines our workload, our balance, our goal achievement, and even our happiness.

As leaders we should be open to feedback. We work best when we allow perspectives to inform us how we're doing, how our team is doing, and how our organization is doing. But not all feedback is equal. Some is valuable. Some is useful. And some is simply of no use at all. Knowing how to differentiate is how strong leaders can make the most of their feedback.

I care mostly about feedback from people who are willing to share responsibility for success.

They collaborate. They cooperate. They work with me on solving problems and achieving goals. They don't complain or attack without constructive suggestions. They share responsibility for success.

How do you decide what feedback to use?

-- Doug Smith

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