Tuesday, June 13, 2017

High Performance Leaders Confront Self-deception

Self-deception is so strong that we can't tell where it starts or ends.

To avoid falling into a trap of self-deception, get all the feedback you need. Positive feedback, feedback for improvement, and reality-checks against deception. Find people you trust, and ask: does this make sense? Is this a noble goal, or is this a self-serving goal?

High performance leaders confront self-deception. It's there: deal with it.

-- Doug Smith

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What's in the workshop:

- Achieving your goals
- Developing leadership
- Ten keys to leadership success
- Communicating for results
- Building your team
- Developing motivation in yourself and others
- Improving productivity
- Coaching to improve performance
- Exploring generational strengths and challenges
- Setting and keeping priorities

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