Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Give Advice Sparingly

Do you like to give advice?

High performance leaders are often asked for advice. The temptation is to give it no matter what. After all, aren't we the experts? If someone is asking for advice, doesn't that mean that they trust us and believe we have the wisdom needed to answer?


Giving advice is limiting, though. What if you helped that person think thru their possibilities instead? What if they already knew what they wanted and needed to do, and were only hoping that you'd advise them accordingly?

And what if your advice doesn't work?

It's better to stay curious. Ask questions. Help them with their thinking. You could still end up giving them advice, but probably not. Probably, they'll develop a strategy all of their own, one that they can own and implement and achieve.

"I wonder what you'll do about that" is more powerful than "here's what you should do..."

-- doug smith

Leadership Call to Action:

Stay curious.

Appreciate the thought processes of those who are looking for advice.

Reach out with compassion for those who truly need your help.

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