Friday, August 17, 2018

Your Team Expects The Truth

You know how easy it is to lie. When people are quiet about it, it might even seem as if you can get away with it. Without a confrontation, who is to say what is truth anyway?

Somewhere, deep in your heart, you know better than that. High performance leaders cannot afford lies. They cannot afford having lies told to them -- the lies must be exposed. And, they cannot afford telling them -- because the lies WILL be exposed.

I have said it many times and I believe it firmly: the truth will always bubble to the top. It might take a long, long time but every lie will eventually be exposed. The truth emerges. When it does, high performance leaders feel good about having stayed with the truth. No spinning. No fibbing. No lies of omission, commission, or submission.

Your team is relying on you to tell the truth. (oh, and they will find out if you do -- or don't..."

-- doug smith

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