Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Let Go Of The Past

Is there anything from your past that you are still holding onto, even though it is essentially gone from your life?

I'm guilty of this. There are things that I don't want to let go of, yet that do not serve me well. Old feelings. Old grudges. Old shame over mistakes other people have long ago forgotten. Useless baggage I carry to my next destination even though it slows me down.

We can always think of things that we would have done differently. We can always see more clearly in hindsight. We just can't really do anything with that.

Daydreaming about fixing the past gets in the way of living the present.

Let's live in the present. Let's be fully present right here and now. And, let's create the best possible future.

Does that work for you?

Doug Smith

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What have you learned today?

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