Thursday, August 6, 2015

Be Careful With Pressure

Do you like to be pressured into making a decision?

I always feel rushed if someone is in a hurry to convince me of anything (even something I really know that I want) and the impact is to hold off on committing. That's probably not what the person who is in a rush is going for.

We need a reasonable pace. We need to know that a decision feels right AND that it's logical. Too often someone will see the merit to their case and pound on one or the other - the feelings, or the logic. It seldom feels right if the logic is wrong, and it doesn't matter how logical it seems if it doesn't feel right.

As leaders we must take care of both the facts and the feelings. As people who's job it is to influence others, we must find a reasonable pace that walks in harmony with the pace the people we are seeking to influence need.

That takes practice. That takes patience. And, that takes a centered focus on what is truly important to begin with. If it doesn't feel right to us, if it's not sensible at all levels as well, why on earth would anyone else care?

I question the motives of anyone who is in a rush to convince me of anything.

Take your time. Listen. You might just prevent yourself from talking me out of what you want me to accept.

What do you find influences you the most?

-- Doug Smith

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  1. You have no idea how many"once in a life time opportunities" I have chosen to walk away from for just that reason!