Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Photo by L. Scott Force
How often does your team see you smile?

I've known leaders who haven't been known to smile. They seem almost grim. They could be fine leaders, sincere and high performance in nature but for some reason they just don't smile. How do you think a team reacts to that?

People like to see you smile. It puts them at ease. It creates a bond. It feels right because don't we all want to be happy? And, smiling is the most clear outward sign that someone is happy.

When you're happy, it's easier for me to be happy. When I'm happy (and smile!) it sends a little but powerful signal to you that it's perfectly OK for you to be happy, too. Let's all be happy!

There is something priceless about a leader who smiles.


-- Doug Smith

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  1. Smiling.....one of my biggest challenges!

  2. Sometimes it a challenge for all of us, David! But maybe it helps to know how much you do bring smiles to other people! And - you do,,,