Friday, October 2, 2015

Keep Your Dream

Do other people impact your dream?

Well, you might say, of course they do. I know that they can impact my dream - will they cooperate, will they interfere, will they help? That's not what I mean.

If people dismiss your dream as unimportant or unachievable, how do you react? There was a time when that might have been a dream-ender for me. I wasn't secure enough in my dream to let objections go without taking them to heart.

But people don't know everything about your dream. They don't know how important it is. They don't know how powerful YOU are. Whether you embrace and energize your dream is up to you. Other people can help, but they should not hinder your progress.

Easier said than done? Most important things are!

Someone's lack of a dream doesn't need to get in the way of your dream.

It's yours, after all. Own it.

-- Doug Smith

What have you learned today?

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