Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dump Anonymous Feedback

What's the problem with anonymous feedback?

The list is long. When people can say anything they want, without any accountability, they are sometimes rude. The feedback becomes exaggerated. Not knowing what to do with it (who do you try to please?) it frustrates the person receiving the feedback.

Anonymous feedback encourages anti-social comments. It opens up a level of venting that is not healthy for either party. And, rather than building relationships, it tears them down.

The best place for anonymous feedback is the garbage. It's too easy to be negative when no one knows who you are.

Hold people accountable. Teach them that two-way communication is responsible, respectable, and useful. Let's keep the trash talking on the basketball court and build relationships of worth at work.

-- Doug Smith


  1. And that is why I rarely post on Facebook!

  2. I think I know what you mean, David. Every once in a while someone I don't even know will comment on something I've posted on Facebook and I'll wonder, what in the world? But at least on FB you're supposed to use your real identity.