Saturday, January 2, 2016

Creativity Can Help You Stay Young

How young do you feel?

Not how old are you but how young do you feel? How we feel about ourselves has much to do with how healthy we are.

Why not feel young? Why not feel younger than we are?

Here's how I keep feeling younger - thru creativity. Making things. Writing things. Drawing things.

Coming up with new solutions to old problems is creative. Finding reasons to BE happy (rather than otherwise) takes a certain level of creativity.

Talking with others can even be creative. Instead of falling into a habitual pattern in your next conversation, try asking some creative and provocative questions. Questions like:

  • What would you do if you had to trade places with your least favorite person?
  • What are three ways you can think of to make your strongest relationship even stronger?
  • What problems have you not thought of yet that could change your life?
  • How many rooms should you have in your dream house?
You get the idea. Keep it fun. Keep it curious. And, keep it creative.

What's your next creative act?

-- Doug Smith

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