Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Develop Fearless Creativity

"What's Your Vehicle, Baby? Collage (c) Douglas Brent Smith
Collage by Doug Smith
Are you fearlessly creative?

I can hear someone's inner critic already, "What would that even look like?"

What do you think? I think fearlessly creative looks like someone taking risks with design. It looks like someone changing their logo. It looks like someone shuffling the usual and familiar in favor of something novel and new.

Fearless creativity takes off the chains. Fearless creativity dusts off the old patina. Fearless creativity sends the inner judge out for milk and cookies while it plays in the field of possibility.

Have you developed fearless creativity?

Few things attract more respect than fearless creativity. Don't hold back. Jump right in. Take that chance.

It starts right now.

-- Doug Smith

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