Saturday, May 30, 2015

Take One Brave Step

Where does courage come from? How do we as leaders develop the courage that we need to stand up to resistance, overcome injustice, and develop our people even when resources are low? It's not a pill that we can take, it's not anything that we can buy; we develop courage one step at a time.

One step toward correcting the mistakes that we make. One step toward confronting a wrong. One step toward practicing assertiveness, not aggressiveness, in stating what we want in a situation.

We make mistakes along the way. We become too assertive. We fail to speak up when we see someone being disrespected. We let our boss incorrectly criticize a team member. But, we can correct those mistakes. We can redirect our work in courage toward effective behavior.

Courage does not require perfection.

It requires steps in that direction. How do we get started on our path to courage? Take one brave step at a time.

What step toward courage can you take today?

Doug Smith

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