Saturday, May 16, 2015

Keep Those Filters Open

How much gets through your mental filters?

We all perceive the world through our individual filters. Some are mental, some are cultural, some are generational, and some are gender based. That's just a few, we've got more filters than we even know about, distorting what we see and impacting our decisions.

It takes effort to keep those filters open, to keep them from squeezing out every new idea or discordant movement that could lead to innovation, creativity, and change. We need those new ideas and so we need to monitor and regulate our own filters. In some cases (such as prejudice and persecution) we may need to eliminate certain filters altogether.

We must be careful that our daily filters don't block the answers to our problems.

They will if we let them.

Take charge of your filters. You do want to see beauty and brilliance when it appears, don't you?

-- Doug Smith

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