Friday, June 12, 2015

Do Your Best With Time

Here's another guest entry from my good friend and fraternity brother David Spiegel. If you know anything about the East Coast you'll get a sense for how his day went. If you ever struggle with managing time, some of this may sound familiar. As Dave says, we can't really manage time -- it's what we do with it that matters.

Now, let's hear what Dave has to share:

In a week where I have dedicated myself to regaining control over my time, I have come to realize that I am trying to accomplish something impossible. Time is time. Every day has exactly 1440 minutes to it and no matter what we do,we can not create any more of it.

So instead of creating more time we spend our energy trying to make better use of those precious minutes each day.We attempt to manage time. 

Well guess what. We have no control over time. Time itself can not be managed. We can not speed it up or slow it down. 

Do you know why a watched pot never boils? It's a time thing!

The only thing we can manage is ourselves and what we do with the time allotted each day.

Yesterday was a prime example. I had to be in New York. Without traffic, the trip from my driveway to mid-town where I wanted to be is roughly 18 minutes.I knew I would need about 30 minutes in the City and then blow right back to NJ.I carved out a 2 hour window mid day when I knew morning rush hour would be over and well before evening rush hour.It was a great plan.

Unfortunately that carved out 2 hours became 5.5 hours before I knew it. No big deal. I made adjustments . I had my phone with me and I could accomplish some things sitting in traffic.

Not really. At some point,my phone died. That was shortly after Susan was bit by a dog and had to get treated.Where was I ,her dutiful caring husband? 8 miles away sitting in traffic with no real means of being of any assistance. Truth be told she is fine and it  was handled. The point being I could control neither the time or the situation. What I could control was myself and my response to all of this.

It is 4:10 in the morning on this June 12th How am I Doin' Friday. I am doing great as I prepare to make the best of the 1440 minutes allotted to me for the day.I have a seminar at 8:30 in the morning.I have a funeral at 11 , an hour south of the seminar which ends at 10.How long can a funeral possibly take?

Well ,as long as it needs to.Realistically, that may be the extent of what I can attend to today. I have no idea. I can plan to allocate another two hour window . I think by now we realize that will only end in frustration.That is why I am writing at 4 in the morning.One more accomplishment. One more item off of the agenda.By the way ,since I first sat down to write I have used up 34 minutes, approximately 2.5% of my day's total minutes.

I have a business partner in the UK whose work day started a short while ago. I will now jump on a call with him trying to recapture some of those precious minutes, or at least make better use of them.
All of this brings me to one remarkable conclusion. When I spend any amount of time worrying about not having enough time or how much time I am wasting, I am in fact creating my own stress and participating in an activity that I am so desperately trying to end. It can be a vicious cycle.

So I will do my best to do my best with the 1440 minutes I have for today. By the way,since I last checked I used up another 1%.

Have a Fantastic Day!
Shabbat Shalom!

Remember to say thank you....It pays dividends

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