Thursday, June 4, 2015

Find The Joy In Solving Your Problem

Are your problems all work and no play?

I know how that feels. The more work they seem the less likely I am to work on them, which means that they then don't get solved. That's not what I want.

When we look at problem solving as a chore it's not wonder that we avoid it. Why would we ever subject ourselves to actions that cause us discomfort or inordinate amounts of work? But, problems are more than that. In addition to the satisfaction of actually solving a problem, the process of solving a problem can also be filled with joy.

The process of solving problems brings us together with those we collaborate. It increases our need (and ability) to be creative. It develops the courage it takes to confront issues. It builds more compassion within us for those who share similar (or worse) problems. And the focus that we can feel while in the process to solve problems helps us to feel even more alive. When we are focused, when we are centered, solving problems makes us more of who we are -- and more.

Solving problems creates a kind of unique joy.

Why not find that joy? Why not solve the problems that are troubling you while growing as a person and finding the flow that makes you happy?

I'm going to work on that. How about you?

-- Doug Smith

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