Monday, June 8, 2015

Teach The Hard Lessons, Too

Do you challenge your team members with tough lessons? Life changes, project changes, team realignments, product ends, process modifications, and the harsh reality of competition are just a few of the tough lessons that our team members endure. Sometimes it's up to us to prepare them for those lessons. It may even be necessary for us to teach them.

Adults are not always happy to learn what they most need to learn.

For example, some lessons that have been rough (but necessary) for me include:

  • It does no good to run from negative feedback
  • Sometimes the mistake was intentional
  • Maybe my perspective is the one that is skewed
  • We all carry hidden biased points of view
  • Even though people say anything is possible, that's not always true
  • Sometimes the critic is right
...and more.

What harsh lessons have you learned that maybe at first you avoided?

What tough lessons should your people learn from you?

-- Doug Smith

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