Wednesday, June 3, 2015

One Great Way to Improve Your Interviewing Skills

Do you interview job candidates? Do you find yourself being interviewed? Would it make you a better leader if you could be both a better interviewer and interview?

There's a lot to improving our interviewing skills, and the reasons to improve are important. When we are more skillful at interviewing it gives us:

  • More highly qualified team members
  • Greater leadership opportunities
  • Opportunities to avoid costly mistakes
  • Clearer understanding about situations
  • Useful team development information
  • Critical problem solving examples
  • Stories we can share
...and more. 

Here's the fastest way that I know to improve interviewing skills. Stay curious.

You don't need twelve action steps or a plan for tips and techniques that take hours of practice. Oh, those will help and do them if you like. But, your biggest single boost in interviewing comes from staying genuinely curious.

Curious about the other person, about what they have to say, about the questions that they ask, about the journey that has brought them to where they are, about their character, about how the react under pressure...all sorts of marvelous treasures waiting for you to uncover just by acting and listening in a curious way.

Centered leaders interview with an open, curious mind.

It makes a big difference (and it's more fun). What are you most curious about today?

-- Doug Smith

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