Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Show Your Team That You Care

Does each team member on your team know how much you care about your vision, your mission, your goals? Even more importantly, do they each know how much you care about them?

Team members look to their leaders for skill, for initiative, for courage, compassion, creativity, and clarity but most importantly they look to leaders who care.

Showing your team members how you care about them will develop the type of loyalty and effort you need as a high performance leader to solve problems and achieve your goals. It's what we want, but it is oh so easy to overlook.

Leaders often take for granted that people know how much they care. Sometimes, leaders don't even invest the level of caring that is needed for people to feel valued and connected. It's hard to measure, this caring, but without it all of our other measures suffer.

As leaders, we need to care, and we need to communicate that caring to our team.

Team members don't expect us to be perfect. They know that we'll make mistakes. They'll even step in to help us when we stumble. But they do need to know that we care.

People can forgive incompetence but find it harder to forgive not caring.

How can you show your team that you care today?

-- Doug Smith

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