Friday, June 5, 2015

Act On Your Goals

What are you doing for your top goal today?

The key to an effective action plan is doing it: acting on your action plan. As obvious as that seems to me, there have been many times when I've set an appealing goal but failed to act on it. Goals, like bread and milk, have expiration dates. Those dates aren't stamped where you can read them easily, but they're there. When we let time tick away on our goals without taking actions to achieve them, they slip away. Sometimes they slip away unnoticed. Sometimes they slip away in tears. But, they slip away.

We can do better than that. Let's do better than that!

A goal is as good as its plan put into action.

No better and no worse. Without that plan put into action, the expiration date comes and goes and another opportunity is lost.

Let's put our plans into action today.

What part of your best goal's action plan will you work on today?

-- Doug Smith

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